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About us for a long, Glasses have just been an accessory, we don’t just seek to fulfill the need to bring you the best quality of Shashkay so you buy glasses online, but also to evolve these accessories into something which not only fulfills your need, which represents your individuality, makes you feel and look confident, stylish, keeping in regard the trends and funks of the present time, but most important of all, to do some Shashkay, the image end result for the sunglasses description. Shade is a hue or combination of pure colorations to which the most effective black is delivered. It contains no white or grey. The shade darkens the color, but the dye remains the same. When blending a coloration, please start with the paint itself then upload black one drop at a time.

Who We Are…

Shashkay.com.pk, where you not only buy glasses online but a trusted and valuable name in the city and you can find the finest collection of unisex spectacles. We stepped into the market with just a simple vision to provide people with top-notch quality optics, optical frames, and men’s and women’s sunglasses, that too within their budgets. We provide you with the best and in-style glasses that are the most needed fashion for your face and care for your eyes. We work diligently to let our products capture a new avenue of quality, that would look stylish and classy to the wearer’s face and eyes as looks matter. We seek and the best frames that are put together using the finest materials 


From customized premium acetate to ultra-lightweight titanium, which is cut, cleaned, polished, and put together to go through the first series of quality checks to ensure flexibility and durability. Shashkay.com.pk gives you the finest quality shades and glasses that look good on your face. We are stylish and affordable so that it won’t go heavy on your pockets. Buy our product to give us a new lifestyle