The glasses sit at the top of the nose, and the metal frames rely on the nose pads to distribute the weight evenly. When set incorrectly, they can leave marks and cause a painful pinch. They may even recommend you use a different nose pad material such as silicone and polycarbonate. Silicone nose pads are soft and comfortable. Shashkay is a great sunglasses website and they operate an online store so you can easily choose the best comfortable sunglasses that you can wear.

Metal eyeglasses without nose pads

Glasses without nose pads or ergonomic nose pieces are common and are generally represented by both plastic and metal eyeglass frames. Plastic frames without nose pads generally have a bridge area that favors the shape of a saddle, thus, this type of nose bridge is called a saddle bridge. If you have a high bridge, frames with a bridge closest to your brow line are great! If you have a low bridge, tires with a curved brow or lower bridge will be the best choice.

Shashkay provides you with amazing stuff at the most affordable prices for everyone to collect their favorite stuff. These brand sunglasses protect your eyes from pollution and sunlight radiation. If you are going for a walk and wearing sunglasses, you can change your personality and protect your eyes. Shashkay has the best collection of classic sunglasses for men in Pakistan. Shashkay is a wonderful online glasses store in Pakistan for men, women, and kids. They provide you with many varieties and good service, the best deals for sunglasses, Reasonable price for everyone, perfect buy.


In conclusion, sunglasses come with or without nose pads, so it depends on your request. Metallic glasses without this are comfortable for all people and have many frames and shapes that resemble your face. Shashkay provides you with all the facilities.

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