Many people wonder if reading glasses and computer glasses are the same because it appears that each type of eyewear falls into a particular category, including reading glasses and computer glasses.

On the surface, reading glasses and computer glasses look very similar, but they serve very different purposes. The two are not, however, incompatible. Reading glasses and computer glasses can both be combined into a single lens.

You don’t have to choose just one type of eyewear for your glasses; outline the distinctions between reading glasses and computer glasses below.

What are reading glasses?

To help with up-close reading and viewing, reading glasses are used. These glasses have lenses with a predetermined level of magnification. People who experience vision changes as a result of presbyopia typically wear reading glasses. Age-related natural near vision decline is known as presbyopia.

For reading glasses, you do not require a prescription. Instead, you decide which magnification strength represented by the numbers after the plus sign (+) on the glasses works best for you to read closely. Finding your specific magnification requires some trial and error. Reading menus, texts, and food labels should become clearer and simpler once your proper reading glasses prescription strength is established.

What are computer glasses?

A specially created coating on computer glasses, also known as blue light glasses, reduces the amount of blue light that reaches your retinas. A portion of the light emitted from digital screens like TVs, smartphones, tablets, and computers is called blue light, which is harmful.

Blue light can damage your eyes over time, even though the damage it does to your retinas is minimal when observed incrementally. This means that, like skin damage, damage to your eyes worsens over time. For people who spend a lot of time in front of screens, whether for work or play, this can cause future vision problems.

 A blue light coating can be applied to the majority of prescription strengths and frame types because it is just a coating placed on top of the lens. A blue light coating must be requested when ordering new lenses; it cannot be added to already-owned eyewear.

Which is better for you? Computer glasses or reading glasses?

Choosing between one and the other is often necessary for life. Fortunately, one of them is deciding between computer glasses and reading glasses.

 Your reading glasses may come with a coating that blocks out blue light. You get the best of both worlds because of this. Not only will computer reading glasses eliminate the discomfort of squinting while reading up close, but they will also protect your eyes by reducing their exposure to blue light.

 When using a phone, tablet, or laptop, reading glasses with blue light-blocking lenses are ideal. But even when you’re not in front of a screen, you can benefit from the comfort of your reading glasses because the blue light coating is undetectable.

 Browse the collection of reading glasses and select blue light-blocking lenses at the checkout if you’re ready to give them a try. Clear, comfortable, fashionable sight is a gift you merit.

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