If you are looking for amazing foldable sunglasses in Pakistan, Shashkay is the biggest Online sunglasses store in Pakistan. Their foldable sunglasses suit your face according to your face shape. Since Steve McQueen King of Cool wore them, everyone wanted a pair of the best folding sunglasses. They helped make Persol a household name and Persol still makes the foldable sunglasses that bear his name today. But when it comes to the best folding sunglasses, you don’t have to spend a chance on Persols to obtain the benefits.

Other classic brands such as Ray-Ban as well as newer startups such as Roav Eyewear, Folders, and Hexton have all sought to benefit from the great classic image as well as the unparalleled comfort of folding sunglasses. Not sure which foldable sunglasses are right for you? Our folding glasses are designed by men and women. Check the information on sizing below for recommendations according to your face’s dimensions and shapes.

Wayfarer Folding Sunglasses

Parallel to the Wayfarer Classic, the iconic Wayfarer is built in a dense, foldable style allowing you to be almost cool. Wayfarer Folding Classic easily folds up and away for sheer portability, while still maintaining a very sturdy frame. Wayfarer Folding sunglasses are also available at the Shashkay sunglasses online store.

Aviator folding sunglasses

Developed as an alternative to the fur-lined goggles worn by early 20th century pilots that did not technically use aviator sunglasses, it became the perfect solution for protecting a pilot’s eyes from the elements, avoiding headaches, and combating reduced vision due to blinding glare. Shashkay has all types of aviator sunglasses And Aviator folding sunglasses are also available at the Shashkay sunglasses online store.


In Conclusion, Shashkay is an ideal product for your life on the go, these foldable reading glasses provide clear vision, all-day comfort, and are a tough portable device. Men’s folding sunglasses, suitable for outdoor sports such as cycling and hiking. Also, shop for sunglasses at the best prices on Shashkay.com.pk all over Pakistan.

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