Shashkay’s best glasses for square faces will smooth out your strong angles, and oval frames will work to balance your face and reduce your strong features. Frames in lighter colors or squares are ideal for men wearing. Remember to choose frames that balance and contrast your strong features. Shashkay was providing eyewear all over Pakistan. So don’t worry about your product quality Because Shashkay works with the biggest brands like Ray-Ban, Gucci, Tom-Ford, etc. We provide you with amazing quality with durability in your sunglasses and eyewear. Shashkay prices are lower according to customer range So everyone can purchase Square-shaped Sunglasses in Shashkay at a reasonable price in Pakistan. Square to rectangular pilots is often called navigators. The Randolph Navigator Style is our pioneering pilot, designed to meet the greatest needs in modern military aviation.

Authentic Aviator Square shaped sunglasses

The origin behind square aviator sunglasses follows the story of today’s modern aviators. These square styles are also known as nautical sunglasses. Unlike similar aviator shapes, square sunglasses have the ability to sit closer to the face, thus blocking more light that might enter from the top and sides. Shashkay brings you square-shaped aviator sunglasses at an affordable price in Pakistan.

Intruder Aviator Square shaped sunglasses

Similar to Concorde, the Athlete has been modernizing with an additional brow bar that features soft acetate padding, which matches perfectly with the skull-shaped temple tips. The design adds an elegant and bold feel to the frame with a chromatic horizontal piece embossed on the brow. Shashkay gives you Intruder Aviator Square Shape Sunglasses at a reasonable price in Pakistan.


In Conclusion, Square sunglasses are one of the most popular shapes of frames ever. So set trends and turn heads when you wear a pair of Shashkay Square Sunglasses at the best price in Pakistan!

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