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Categories of glasses you can find in Shashkay

Categories of glasses you can find in Shashkay

by Shashkay
21 Nov 2021

First of all, what is Shashkay? This is the best place for sunglasses in Pakistan. If anyone is confused about eyewear, we solved your problem because they have a solution for all categories of glasses. Shashkay is one of the Trendy sunglasses stores and They have given an opportunity so you can select sunglasses and eyewear. We give a reasonable price, don't worry about the price, it doesn't matter what your price range, we give you high-quality glasses in Pakistan. And they have the most popular three categories in Shashkay: New Arrivals, Optics, Premium So I will explain about them.

New Arrivals in Shashkay

Shashkay provides you with the most popular, most comfortable, and most durable sunglasses. They have a huge collection of new trends in sunglasses. Shashkay gives the most famous brands sunglasses in the world like Tom Ford, Ray-Ban, Gucci, Prada, etc. You can easily buy categories of all kinds of glasses. Oversized sunglasses are back this year. In addition to creating a statement of style and personality, oversized glasses can accentuate the look.

Optics in Shashkay

Polycarbonate lenses are the most durable, impact-resistant lenses in our catalog and come with a 100% UV protection coating. If you're looking for glasses for kids, or tend to spend your time outdoors, Shashkay highly recommends these lenses. Shashkay only focused on protecting the customer's eye, so I'll give you my new optics sunglasses to protect your eyes, everyone can buy Polycarbonate lenses at Shashkay.

Premium in Shashkay

Premium lenses are customized for your eyes and provide a wider viewing area than standard lenses. If you're collecting progressive lens prices, know that standard lenses are more affordable than premium lenses. Premium lenses work with small frames, while standard lenses do not, and Shashkay provides premium lenses for all customers. And if you're at a loss about a premium lens, Shashkay tells you if premium lenses are worth it or not. Most customers agree that premium intraocular lenses are worth the extra investment. It is important to review whether you can afford them and whether keeping them without glasses is a priority. Whatever your choice, the decision is up to you. Your eye doctor will also recommend the IOL they think is best for you. It is also available on Shashkay.

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