Do you have an old favorite pair of sunglasses? Most of us sure do. Possibly they’re the pair you wore that summer or got as a treat on holiday one time. Perhaps they’re a pair that are super smart or made by a favorite designer who is no longer in production. Or maybe they’re a pair that make you look (or feel) like a film star? Whatever make or brand they are, and no matter the memories that come with them, what’s certain is that there are some styles that really stand the test of time – cool and classic sunglasses, essentially. Whether your treasured shades are iconic Ray-Ban, Aviators, or a stylish pair of Tony Montana’s by Carrera, it doesn’t matter – you’ll want to keep them, and to keep wearing them, for as long as possible. These sorts of sunniest will always be in style.

Can you get new sunglass lenses for old frames?

The answer, of course, is yes! You can easily replace lenses in old frames. As you’ll know from our company story, our founder spotted three pairs of scratched sunglasses one day in a drawer. He wondered if they could be recovered somehow, and decided to look into this – and so our mission of saving these much-prized possessions began!


If you’ve got an old pair of sunglasses yourself, you can almost definitely repair and re-wear them. If the frames are damaged and beyond reviving, then you can choose to recycle them, but the truth is that most sunglasses don’t need to be thrown in the trash. They can be revived, and basically brought into being once again. Prior to our inception, most old sunglasses ended up in a landfill. To this day, over 1 billion pairs of sunnies are still being thrown away every year! But, thanks to us, that doesn’t need to be the case anymore!

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