Shashkay groups collections are most popular and Shashkay is the biggest sunglasses store in Pakistan . They have new trendy sunglasses according to celebrity styles at affordable prices in Pakistan. Gentle Monster is a Korean eyewear brand founded by Hankook Kim in Seoul, the Republic of Korea in 2011. The brand’s mission has evolved from innovating in silhouettes and shapes to providing customers with experimental spatial design. Immersive experiences like Gentle Monster challenge the hallmarks of a sunglasses brand. Celebrities like Kinza Hashmi, Feroz Khan, and Sarah Khan have been wearing these fancy frames for a while now, but few have noticed, and fewer know who the sunglasses are.

Benefits Of Gentle Monster Sunglasses

You always hear that millennials are only shopping online these days, but can’t stand the truly epic experience. Korean eyewear brand Gentle Monster is taking the concept of immersive shopping to new heights with its flagship stores, especially the one it just opened in Pakistan’s Soho district. Inside, you’ll find two walls of classic subtle sunglasses alongside more avant-garde frames, with a fountain just below the center. Keep walking and you end up in a gallery space with rotating art galleries now, it’s a light installation by Moooi that looks like a fiery sun. It’s pretty much a perfect place to take selfies that you just can’t get on the web! The result of a collaboration between Chinese tech giant Huawei and South Korean sunglasses brand Gentle Monster.

The glasses are a pair of smart sunglasses that connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth to stream music, let you answer calls, and even summon the voice assistant on your smartphone.


In Conclusion, Shashkay is an online sunglasses store In Pakistan you can purchase all types of Shashkay sunglasses collections. They have a new arrivals and optics reasonable collection for all Pakistan Customers.

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