We have listed the top 5 brands of glasses that will make men look hottest. Classic sunglasses for men trends are getting pretty playful in this 2020 season. Ultimate Polarized Lens to bring your sunglass style up to date and give your old sunglasses new life. So here are the 5 sunglasses that will absolutely make you look hot. Make you stand out in a crowd with these sunglasses

Types of classic sunglasses for men

Colorful sunglass lens tints

These gradient sunglasses suit the men most especially on sunny days, alongside the beach. Colorful sunglasses also protect your eye while you are out on a hot day.

Break from the original gold sunglass frames with brown or green-tinted lenses and opt for a more modern smoky tear-drop lens to suit the new style of silver wired frame Aviators. Aviator sunglasses never really leave the sunglass trend list. So if you already own a pair of classic Aviators like the ever-popular Ray-Ban, you can remedy scratched sunglass lenses or update your sunglass repairs with ray ban lens replacement.

Retro round colorful sunglasses

Choose your rounder style of sunglasses depending on your personal style – do you prefer the classic honey-gold frames with contrasting green or smoky grey lenses.

Sporty luxe

The latest sporty style of sunglasses brings a new direction in 2020 men’s sunglasses trends. With wrap-around frames and mirrored lenses a key look for aerodynamic men’s sunglasses. We’re loving the Oakley models (you can find new lenses for Oakley sunglasses at Shashkay.com.pk if you need to update sunglasses with Oakley.

Old-school style statement

Retro influences from the 80s and 90s are a key trend for men’s sunglasses in 2020. With acetate frames trending towards big rectangular or oversized oval shapes with solid, thick arms. But it’s the bold and edgy versions of these old-school sunglasses that are making the biggest mark. Mostly the old school glasses give a manly look.


In conclusion, these are the best ever colorful sunglasses glasses for men, to make them look hot. Visit shashky online glasses for these types of classic, colored, and old-school frames. huge amount of glasses available at shashkay

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