If you wear them, you will know that glasses come in surprisingly standard sizes. Unless you have a pinhead or a moon face, you’ll probably have never really had to think about how nicely your specs fit. A good optician will attempt to provide your glasses fit correctly, creating sure the digits on the inside of your frame at least nominally reflect the dimensions of your head. Then they may place the nose pads or heat the acetate temples to make them more comfortable on your head. There are a few bespoke eyewear lines, where the glasses are tailored to your face, but this method sometimes can take weeks before your glasses are finished. The customer begins by selecting an eyewear shape from the MVO collection featuring exclusive sunglass and prescription frames.

How to choose the right sunglasses

It’s easy to dismiss the shape of your shades in favor of their performance, but when you look pleasing, you feel good. It’s pretty easy to choose frames that will suit you best by considering your face shape. As a general guide sticks to the below. Oval or round: Square, narrow or angular frames will help lengthen the face and provide greater balance. You can easily balance a rugged jawline with sunglasses that have rounded or soft corners. Heart-shaped: Angular frames will look better on people with narrow chins. Stay away from big frames that can accentuate a larger forehead. Diamond: Choosing sunglasses that are rimless or have oval frames to balance a diamond-shaped face. When choosing the best sunglass lenses, you might also consider how they complement your skin tone, hair, and eye color.  

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