Glasses have been available in the Future in various forms for nearly a decade and some speculate that lightweight virtual reality glasses will be with us shortly perhaps within months. Futuristic though they may be, these eyewear advances represent the latest stages in an evolutionary process that is centuries old. Perhaps the most interesting recent development in eyewear is replacement lenses.  Savvy consumers are keeping their frames and only buying new lenses whenever their prescription changes.  This approach allows them to both save money and maintain a favored personal style.  Beyond prescription changes, lens innovations are also driving demand for a swap.  Lens coatings protecting against UV rays, scratching, fog, and reflections are all the rage with consumers who can afford them. Eyewear technology is continuously improving to deliver increasingly advanced features to the public. 

The Rise of Sunglasses Future

The black round sunglasses looked great perched on the refined noses of his catwalk models, and the fashionwear followers were quick off the mark in taking up the trend. News spread that skinny specs were back in fashion. Now small round sunglasses are perched on celebrity noses just about everywhere. The small-frame sunglasses can be seen on such fashion trendsetters as Rhianna, Kylie Jenner, Drake, and Bella Hadid. Round sunglasses have become a must-have accessory for anyone wishing to make a statement in the modern world and bring extra features to their everyday outfit.

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