Clear vision is most important in life but in the late thousand CE to seek detailed objects was nearly impossible. The inventor of glasses was unknown but the glasses were first invented by the Romans to enhance the ability to see small objects clearly despite straining and squirting. Tradition and fashion play an important role in the evolution of eyewear.

From the one thousand ce, the reading stone was invented to read the small details, the invention and the regular use of reading stone began around 1ooo ce. Early reading stones were manufactured from the crystal rock and beryl. From 1284 the first wearable eyeglasses were made by Dormmate in Italy who wanted to see if he could help people’s vision. Then Spanish craftsmen invented the first eyeglasses frame temple, he put the strings through the frame to stay steady. Then the evolution of fashion glasses also started in the 13 century. Different known people started to invent the to put more convenience in glasses. The glasses were still upgraded still on the crystal lenses then after the invention of concave and convex which was invented by the British optician Edward was the first to perfect the rigid temple eyeglasses which stay on the wearer’s ear. fashion of trendy glasses started then when in 18s pince-nez was the most popular eye ear. an optician johas Isaac invented the glass which helps in nearsightedness and also helps correct near, medium, and distant vision impairments. In 1887 FE muller of Germany created the first tolerable and able to see through contact lenses, the evolution goes on with the creation of plastic lenses in 1936 William feinbloom created the first soft lenses which led to hydrogen lenses.

In conclusion, in 2000 the evolution of sunglasses began with gradient colors which were then used to cover the eye from bright sunlight and high-energy visible light from damaging or discomforting eyes, and then evolution continues till now. With emerging technology, the infrared contact lens is being created to see through thin objects. Therefore glasses are now considered mandatory accessories to the affected people or visually impaired people.

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