Blue light is mostly emitted from the digital devices that we have nowadays, exposure to blue light is inevitable; mostly children are affected by blue light. Excessive use of blue light can damage eyesight. Let me tell you about the blue light affect.

Blue light is found in the visible light spectrum with a wavelength of 400 to 490 nanometers. artificial blue can be found in digital devices such as computers, TVs, tablets, and other digital devices. We need to take drastic steps to stop the exposure of blue light which has adversely affected the children’s sight.

Let’s talk about the affects of blue light

Many studies conducted show that blue light affects, it can cause eye disease. Going before bed use of devices can also reduce sleep and can lead to a disease called insomnia. Although blue light has impacts on eyes and causes symptoms.

  • Blurry vision
  • Digital eye strain
  • Eye pain 
  • Eye fatigue

Increased exposure to blue light can also lead to some serious issues and also vision loss. So the question is how can you protect your eyes from blue light?

There are many ways to protect your eyes from the blue light effect that decrease the exposure to the blue light and their screen time. Buy a pair of blue light glasses that can help you to prevent the blue light rays from entering the eyes and safeguard your eyes from harmful rays. Blue light glasses specially made for kids provide full protection for the eyes. Another solution is to look for apps that reduce the light within a given time. Not only is blue light harmful to the eyes but it also gives you headaches and constant blurry vision. Keep children away from excessive use of digital devices. They are unaware of the cons of digital devices. Teach your kid not to use more than an hour in a day. These blue-light-coated glasses are meant for kids. 


In conclusion, most parents are unaware that their kids’ exposure to blue light is increasing drastically, because of electronic devices, for example, technology now widely used in schools, so consider this when setting your child’s screen timeline at home. Buy them a pair of blue light glasses that can protect them from blue light. And then can use the digital devices without fear of hurting vision.

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