If you are looking for Classic Clubround Sunglasses and you are confused about the price range and sunglasses quality. So Don’t worry about it because You are standing in the right place yes Shashkay is there for you. Shashkay is the biggest platform for unlimited Sunglasses. They give you all branded Sunglasses at lower prices in Pakistan. Shashkay offers you Ray-Ban Original Clubround Sunglasses with affordable prices and great quality or Durability in Pakistan. The Clubround’s illusion sun shape creates a bold identity with an unmistakable look in high-quality, flexible acetate and metal with a perfect finish. With classic and contemporary mirror lenses that guarantee 100% protection and crystal clear vision, Ray-Ban Clubround is a new icon in style and substance. Shashkay has a new Clubround with a G-15 lens and B-15 Lens for your eyes protection.

Clubround Sunglasses With G-15 Lens

Shashkay explains to you the G-15 lens in Clubround Sunglasses. The name G-15 indicates that the lenses are green, hence the G-15 in the G-15 indicates how much light will travel through the lenses. G-15 lenses will only let in 5% of the light through the lenses, while 95% of the light will be blocked. Shashkay provides the best premium sunglasses with a G-15 lens at a reasonable price in Pakistan.

Clubround Sunglasses With B-15 Lens

Shashkay explains to you about B-15 Lens quality and B-15 lens work in Clubround Sunglasses. B-15. As you may have guessed, the B in B-15 stands for brown. This brown-colored lens has the same performance as the G-15 but is better suited to low light conditions. B-15 lenses increase contrast, making them the ultimate lens tint for cloudy days. You can purchase Your favorite Sunglasses With a B-15 lens at a great price in Pakistan.

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