Glasses should be cleaned because you wear them on your face. Glasses play an important role in changing the face visuals so these should be neat and clean. Knowing how to wash your glasses frames can make you and your glasses look even better and can make you stand out in a crowd. Let’s talk about a few steps on how to clean your glasses.

How to clean your glasses frame

First of all, clean your hands before cleaning your glasses. To clean your glasses you need to follow the steps you would use for other best types of glasses. Here how to clean your glasses.

Step 1: Hold your glasses under the water, dust and debris which is hanging around the  small gaps in frames will be removed, and remember never to use hot water. It may damage your glasses and remove the anti-resistant and anti-scratch coating. Use both hands to avoid the glasses from falling and also wash well.

Step 2: Our recommendation is to use the soap or eyeglasses cleaning solution and all you need is to pour some on glasses and rub the glass and every corner of the frame. Avoid using any harsh chemical that may damage your lenses.

Step 3: You all want to just rub the lenses and especially the nose pad. They get dirty fast because they are very close to your eyes so pay attention to small details. 

Step 4: Now it is necessary to make sure that you have wiped out all the soap and washed properly and put the glasses in water then shake them to clean properly. 

Step 5: Now clean it with the microfiber cloth and rub properly. Remember there should be no remaining water, so soak properly.


In conclusion, the above steps are very useful while cleaning the glasses. Follow these steps. Because its better to look round and also give you the proper vision. By these steps glasses also last longer and remain in new condition. if you want to buy a new one or if your glasses have been broken then visit shashkay where you can find the huge category of glasses.

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