Did you know that the average person replaces their glasses every three years? To make the decision on the best eyeglass frame, you must first determine your facial traits. Face forms are divided into five categories:

• Square

• Round

• Heart

• Triangular

• Oval

Square Face

Square faces are characterized by prominent, angular features and a crisp, straight line running from the brow to the jaw. On square faces, rounded and thinner frames that are slightly wider on the side will look harmonious and natural.

 You’ll want frames that are proportional to your face’s length and width.

Round Face

Soft curves and smooth lines characterize round faces. Which have a face that is nearly the same breadth from the jaw to the brow.  When buying glasses for round faces, the most important thing to remember is:

• Rectangular frames help to break up the structure of the face, making it appear longer and thinner.

• Angular and geometric frames: to achieve equilibrium, add some sharper, more distinct lines to your face.

• If you have full-bodied curved cheeks, use upswept frames like cat-eye or D-frame to attract emphasis to them while still focusing on your eyes.

Heart Face

With high cheekbones, heart-shaped faces are largest at the brow and narrow down to the chin.

This is commonly regarded as the most adaptable of all the facial forms. Frames like:

• Bottom-heavy frames: If your chin is particularly small, you may want to add some width to your frames.

• If you’re conscious of the width of your forehead, the best eyeglass frame with low-set temples will draw attention downward, accentuating the lower half of your face.

• If you have a sharp chin, an oval frame design will help to attract attention upward toward your eyes.

• Light-colored or rimless frames: Choose a model with an unobtrusive frame to reduce the appearance of spectacles on your heart-shaped face.

Triangular Face

The bottom of a triangular face is the widest, while the top is the narrowest. So you’re looking for a frame that’s bold on top, light on the bottom, such as the following:

• D-Frames

• Aviator

• Cat-Eye Glasses

Oval Face

People with oval faces look good in a variety of frame styles, oval is the most ubiquitous face shape, with a smaller forehead and somewhat narrower chin, so have fun with the latest trends since they will work for you. 

The following are the best eyewear frames for oval faces in this regard:

• Square

• Rectangular

• Geometric shapes

Now you’ll be able to locate a pair of glasses that seem harmonic and add a natural balance to your face. now that you know how to find the perfect glasses for your face shape.


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