Customers or buyers face difficulties when they aim to buy Sun Glasses or goggles because they are not pretty aware of the face cut classification. Face cut charts and Diagrams posted on walls will help to easily. Distinguish buyers to choose their goggles according to their face cut. Shashkay provides immense types of sunglasses for your face shape that types of faces are divided into few major classifications and are delineated below:


People with oval faces have the benefit of wearing any shape of glasses. But most people with an oval shape look best with square, round and rectangular frame shapes. Another frame known as wayfarers gives you a bold and classic look. For example Michael Caine in the 1965 movie, ”The right way.”


First of all, make sure your face is really round. Angular-shaped glasses are suitable for round faces.

There are many other shapes like diamond square long heart-shaped faces. So according to face types, there are different frames made for.

There are three different types of frames for diamond face shape:

1.  Small oval frame.

2.  Aviator sunglasses.

3.  Round sunglasses.  

While purchasing the sunglasses one should have known his face types, despite regret after buying them. choose wisely because there are several face types that exist, like heart face, square, round, and heart face shape. So the sunglasses are made according to face shape. To enhance your personality you must find a suitable frame of sunglasses for yourself. So if your face is round-shaped then you should go for the oval-shaped frames because they suit your face cut and change the facial appearance and make you more attractive. If your face is square-shaped then you should have big square metal glasses, they give mainly a look that makes you bolder. Every frame’s shape has a different appearance. If you are good at choosing the best glasses according to your face type then you should go for shashkay, an online glasses store for men, women, and kids.


In conclusion, facial shape matters because when you choose glasses choose according to face. The right choice will fit your face and give you a good facial appearance, so visit to get the glasses that suit your face.

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