Vintage sunglasses are way cooler than today’s sunglasses because of their unique designs. Back then sunglasses were of different designs in shape, color, and level of comfortability was different. They were completely in tune with the fashion that was happening when they were made.

There were lots of old designs like the combination of square and round that were legitimate fashion items of the era and the prices were quite affordable. The sensibility of consumers who were actually stylish was a prime consideration in its design. Now it’s driven by the major shareholders requiring every style to sell as many units as possible. Pakistan loves old uniques designs. These glasses were the fashion statement back then in the 1900s. celebrities wear vintage sunglasses. The old-school fashion was that unique that still attracted glasses, lovers. To keep the old glasses fashion alive the brands now manufacture them with unique and more attractive designs to keep the old vintage fashion alive.

Types of Vintage Sunglasses in Pakistan

In Pakistan, there are online sunglasses stores like Shashkay. Providing all these kinds of glasses. sunglasses lovers still consider the old classic designs. Vintage sunglasses include the design like round sunglasses. Nevertheless, round eyewear differs in many respects. In addition to the sizes and materials, the colors and numerous frame details vary. Which is also used as an ornament and has a more rounded glass shape and attaches its brackets to the upper edge of the frame. Or even oval spectacle frames, which are actually not round at all. Aviator sunglasses, the shape of glasses seen in various movies (e.g. “Top Gun” with Tom Cruise) is legendary and connected inseparably with the brand ray ban.


In conclusion, old sunglasses shapes were unique. And still, customers wanted them because that type of round vintage sunglasses was very important and suited your face. Like a wrapped youtube face. These glasses give full protection and also fulfill the fashion requirement. suits your personality,

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