If your vision is blurry, you may have a vision problem such as nearsightedness. Eyeglasses can correct the problem and help you see clearly. An optometrist or ophthalmologist performs a thorough eye exam to figure out what type of lenses work best for you. You may need bifocals or progressive lenses, depending on your vision problem. Eyeglasses correct vision concerns. If you have trouble seeing clearly, either near or at a distance, eyeglasses can help. They improve how clearly and sharply you see objects at any length. Most vision difficulties are related to how light focuses on the retina. The retina is in the rear of the eye, near the optic nerve. The eye’s lens sends light to the retina, which converts the light into signals that it sends to the brain. This process creates the images we see. Eyeglasses help concentrate the light appropriately on the retina.

What are reading glasses?

Reading mirrors are a type of single-vision lens. Often, people with presbyopia see objects in the distance clearly but have trouble seeing the words when they’re reading. Reading glasses can help. You can often buy them over the counter at a pharmacy or bookstore, but you will get a more accurate lens if you see a healthcare provider for a cure. Over-the-counter readers are not helpful if the right and left eyes have different remedies. Before attempting to use readers, see your eye care professional first to make sure that you can use them safely.

How much Vision do eyeglasses cost?

The cost of glasses varies widely, depending on the type of lens you need and the frames you choose. It may cover some of the cost. Eyeglasses can help you see all life has to offer. If your vision is distorted or blurry, or you have trouble seeing objects close up or far away, talk to your healthcare provider. 

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