Shashkay is a surprising platform for sunglasses in Pakistan. Because Shashkay gives you a new trend within a new day that’s why Shashkay is a surprising Platform for sunglasses all over Pakistan. Shshkay tell your first of all what is semi-rimless? The semi-rimless glasses cover only the top of the lenses. So it can be a perfect compromise between the smoothness of a rimless tire and the durability of a full rim. They can deliver a classic look that has stood the test of time. Semi-rimless sunglasses are much cheaper than rimless glasses. In addition, it is also very durable and thus will last you for a long time. The semi-rimless glasses will make you look more dynamic and elegant. It enhances your look and makes you look very smart and smart. Semi-rimless glasses are very fashionable and more innovative than typical framed glasses. Ladies who are looking for a perfect pair of glasses will look more elegant and fashionable when wearing these glasses.

Rectangular semi-rimless sunglasses

When it comes to eyeglass shapes, fashion trends stay or be deep squares. Thick rectangles remain outside. Metal and acetate aviators are still in the works, but this season only in a round lens shape, not a teardrop. Teardrop patterns from the ’70s look a few years back. Shashkay says you can buy semi-rectangular sunglasses and eyewear to change your personality because they have great quality eyeglasses in Pakistan.

Round semi-rimless sunglasses

Round, semi-rimless sunglasses are everywhere. While this frame shape has been around for many years, the popularity of circular shades has waned and waned. For 2021, they are in fashion. Fortunately, the round style suits most face shapes, so just about everyone can rock this comfortable, modern accessory. Shashkay has a great frame in semi-rimless glasses, more attractive and more durable at an affordable price in Pakistan.


In Conclusion, Variety is the spice of life and unique glasses are a great way to change your style and try something new. But what makes glasses so unique and how do you choose your perfect pair? Shashkay tells you that the semi-rimless sunglasses are the perfect pair for all kinds of people in Pakistan.

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