Determining eyeglasses frame quality is quite difficult, even for an eyewear industry professional. The most reliable determinant of the quality of a pair of glasses frames is the feel of them in your hand. Do they rattle? Do they feel stiff and solid? When you exercise the hinges do they move smoothly and with the same friction throughout the bend? A better quality glasses frame has a higher level of machined perfection so that the better quality parts fit together well. Just because a designer glasses frame has a brand affiliation, it does not mean that the glasses frame is of high quality.

Hinges are a small but very important component in the overall quality of your glasses frame. If the hinge is not mounted on the frame properly. It will disengage which leads to a very difficult (or impossible) repair job. Low-quality hinges will wear out. The screw will pop out and get lost, and they will wear quickly leading to rattling or sloppy action. Good quality hinges have a smooth and consistent action that does not wear over time. with friction that is consistent throughout the entire range of motion.

Types Of Frames

We still find that the best quality of glasses hinges are made in Germany. You can find these in European and Chinese frames, and in much better quality frames. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find out from the manufacturers which hinge they use in a particular frame.

There are three types of frames:

1.Full frames

2.Semi-rimless frames

3.Rimless frames

4.Metal frames 

Full frames completely outline the lens. They are the most durable frame type, and we recommend them for thick lenses. Semi-rimless frames cover the top portion of the lens. They are lighter and more comfortable but expose the lens to chips and cracks. Rimless frames provide the largest field of vision and are the most lightweight option. However, they are more delicate than other frames. There are many different metals used to make glasses frames including:

– Monel

– Titanium

– Beryllium

– Stainless steel

– Flexon

– Aluminum

The price of metal frames varies depending on the material used. They can cost the same as plastic frames or reach double to triple the price.


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