Shashkay is an online sunglasses store in Pakistan. Buy eyeglasses frames online in Pakistan at the best price and best quality eyeglasses and sunglasses buying from Shashkay. Shashkay tells you about sunglasses for sensitive eyes for your knowledge. Sensitivity is a condition in which bright lights damage your eyes. Another name for this condition is photophobia. It’s a common symptom present in many different conditions, from minor irritation to serious medical emergencies. This light sensitivity is often referred to as photophobia by medical professionals, and for many, it can go away quickly. But for others, photophobia can be a persistent symptom of a diagnosed medical condition such as migraines, post-concussion syndrome, or dry eyes.

Sunny Pro Fitover Sunglasses

These polarized sunglasses are designed to provide you with a classic sense of style perfect for wearing on any hot and sunny day thanks to UV400 protection that blocks the sun’s harmful rays. Shashkay recommended the best sunglasses for your eyes protection. So don’t worry about your eyes protection. Shashkay has the best quality sunglasses in Pakistan you can buy easily.

Simple Polarized sunglasses

Wearing sunglasses with polarized lenses helps reduce sun reflection and glare, protect your eyes, and allow you to see more clearly in bright sunlight. If your eyes are sensitive, polarized sunglasses can also help reduce stress and fatigue from being in bright light. Shashkay Provides you with simple Polarized sunglasses in Pakistan at a reasonable price for everyone to purchase them.


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