If You are looking for ray-ban original sunglasses in Pakistan, Shashkay is there for you. Shashkay provides sunglasses in Karachi all over Pakistan. Shashkay tells you about original Ray-bans sunglasses. Original Ray-Ban sunglasses will have an “RB” mark on the trap of the left lens to Show their originality. If the mark is squat quality or painted on the glasses it will be the same.

The Other hinds to mark a fake pair of Ray-Bans compare the packing and the process in which they are packed to ship. Focus on the Model Number One of the best measures to see the original Ray-Bans sunglasses is to look up the serial number. This can start on the inner side of the left arm of the sunglasses unless you are a pilot, in which case the arms are too thin to fit the number. Shashkay has a new stylish collection of Ray-ban sunglasses. Everyone can purchase them Easily because Shashkay gives you an affordable amount for you to buy at Shashkay.com.pk.

Benefits of Ray-ban sunglasses

Shashkay Ray-ban sunglasses specialty is to Classic style, Originality, and due of indication are the core values of Ray-Ban sunglasses. The iconic aviator model was generated for the aviator sunglasses of the United States Army. Its design and class are what make its position apart from many Creatable eyewear brands. Essential sunglasses by Ray-Ban Defend as opposed to scratches and UV rays. Scratch-resistant lens technology keeps your eyes and your eyewear protected from harm, Season UV-blocking lenses allow you to enjoy the outdoors all day long without worrying about eye injuries. Shashkay Provides you with great sunglasses in Pakistan at amazing prices.


In Conclusion, Shashkay sunglasses provide complete UV protection from the sun’s harmful rays, allowing you to be stylish and safe in the sun. Shashkay frames are durable and Shashkay glasses are attractive and comfortable so you can order them now at www.Shashkay.com.pk.

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