Glasses are not just an accessory but a protection for eye and fashion statements as well. Glasses are crucial for eyes nowadays they protect your eyes from dust particles and correct your vision. So there are a lot more categories of glasses for different purposes. There are two types of standard and premium progressive lenses both are distinct from each other lest see the difference between them.

Difference Between Standard And Premium Progressive Lenses

Standard and premium have similar benefits both correct your vision at a far distance. Now it depends upon you preferring the option based on your budget and visual needs. Before selecting between the standard and premium progress lenses is paramount. Here is something to consider.

Standard Progressive Lenses

What are the standard progressive lenses? They are a type of glasses which have plenty of room at the bottom. You can use these glasses for both farsighted and near sight. If you need to see close objects like reading books and magazines then these glasses are for you and the transition is often painful for your eyes. On the other hand, the disadvantage of these glasses is you need a large frame for that, otherwise, you can limit your vision. If you prefer small glasses then premium glasses are for you.

The advantages of standard glasses are that they are more affordable than premium glasses. Also suitable for most people and children.

Premium Progressive Lenses

The cost of premium glasses is much higher than the standard glasses. They give youtube a broader viewing area and less visual distortion. This type of progressive lens accommodates small frames. They give the best visual by wearing them.

There are several benefits of premium glasses: they provide the clearest vision and the customs design for you. also the people will get used to it.


In conclusion, above are the benefits of premium and standard glasses. Now the choice is yours to choose between them. Shashkay is a Glasses store where you can buy the glasses you want. Here you can find glasses, sunglasses, optics and every type of glasses.

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