The world is in real need of glasses nowadays with the influence of technology and excessive use of cell phones and television. People are accustomed to electronic gadgets. This exposure to gadgets has ruined the eyesight of people. Now the newborn baby is also affected by a farsighted eye condition. 

The influence of growing technology mostly affected the human race that has caused the increase of glasses. This epidemic caused people to buy glasses online to avoid more excessiveness in farsightedness. Farsightedness due to ciliary muscle weakness and loss of elasticity in the crystalline lens but now nearsightedness becomes common which was not commonly found in people. This situation gave people the opportunity to manufacture the glasses which were then bought by the affected people. Now considering a world without glasses will cause havoc to fashionable and eye condition people. Glasses are also a part of fashion and also worn by eye conditioning people. if we consider the world without glasses it would be impossible but people would have found the alternative of glasses. without glasses people would be straining and be squirting the things or the little details. Without glasses, fashion would be incomplete. There are a lot of glasses industries that would leave unemployed. glasses are not only fashionable but protection from sun rays. Glasses play an important role in labor who wore glasses to avoid any damage to the eyes. Without glasses, they face difficulties and make it nearly impossible to work. people who work in metal sparking would leave work, the world would look incomplete without glasses because nowadays glasses are the most necessary eyewear till now. 

In conclusion, glasses are important in every aspect and muchly required in sports and outdoor activities. People with eye conditions would be unable to see this beautiful and mesmerizing world clearly. With time to time glasses will become necessary for eyewear because of global warming and the increasing eye conditioning of people. From people who survived without glasses because they were not habitual of them but because people are accustomed to glasses wear without glasses it becomes a bit difficult in daily routine.

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