Shashkay is an online place to buy women’s sunglasses and the best brand of sunglasses for men and women in Pakistan. If you desire, my personality will look like a celebrity. We find that celebrities mostly stick to the standard shapes of sunglasses. Most of the celebrities wear a pair of aviator sunglasses or the original Shashkay sunglasses. The round shape or the large size was also a favorite of the celebrities. Shashkay’s trendy sunglasses are oversized sunglasses, updated aviator, slim tall sunglasses, cat-eye sunglasses, white sunglasses, and trendy sunglasses online. If you are trying to shape your personality well and good so Shashkay will give advice you can purchase your sunglasses according to your face shape at the best sunglasses store in Pakistan. 

Oval-shaped glasses for women’s

The quality of the Shashkay set is very comfortable and attractive. Oval glasses can follow almost any aesthetic shape but look best with square and rectangular frame shapes. People with oval faces have equal proportional features that give them better luck when it comes to their style choices. They can test and be as bold as they want.

Diamond-shaped glasses for Women’s

Diamond faces should be complemented with angular frames like cat eyes, but rectangular and oval-shaped frames work just as well. From a color standpoint, a pair of glasses that are darker or large at the top such as half-rimmed glasses are a great choice for sunglasses. It is also available in Shashkay.

Heart-shaped glasses for Women’s

When choosing the perfect pair of heart-shaped sunglasses, the goal is to divert attention away from the direct edges of the face and create a more elongated look. This can be done by wearing cat-eye-style, aviator, round, and oversized frames to give the view of a more rounded face. Shashkay is a stunning platform for women’s sunglasses, we work all over Pakistan, you can buy it anywhere.

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